Welcome to the Bujinkan Phipps Dojo, dedicated to training the arts of the Bujinkan for self defence and enjoyment.  The Bujinkan Phipps Dojo is a martial arts club based in Edmonton Alberta Canada dedicated to the practice of the martial arts headed by Dr. Masaki Hatsumi.

The arts of the Bujinkan are  traditional Japanese arts designed and trained for self defence.  If you are looking for a competitive martial art, I suggest you look elsewhere (if you would like some suggestions I would be happy to offer some).

If you have further questions about the training, feel free to send an email for details on training location.  Be sure to check the site as perhaps the questions that you have may be answered on other pages.

At this time we accept students ages 16 and older.  If there is interest in the future we may have training options for younger students.